The NZ postal system can now only be used by essential goods. This means I can’t post any pieces till the isolation period is over (approx 4 weeks ). If a piece speaks to you though you can still buy it, i’ll just put it aside and post it when I can. Thanks Aaron


Hi everyone,
I thought it would be helpful to write down how we are operating during the 4 week NZ lock down. I’ll update this page as our situation changes.

My studio is at home so I will be working on commissions and new pieces as usual. You’ll be able to follow what I’m making on my social media pages.

Facebook carving
Facebook sculpting

I’ll continue to put any new work up in my shop.

So far NZ post is operating as usual so i’ll still be able to post pieces inside NZ and worldwide (if the destination has a working postal system).

I’m going to use this time to go deeper into my work and develop some existing designs. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes forth. I’d like to see some real growth.

I hope everyone looks after themselves. It’s a surreal time in some ways. My wife and I have 5 children and my goal over this time alongside my work is to build and enjoy our family life and relationships. It’s a rare opportunity.

Please get in touch if you have any questions,