Q:  Can I get your rings cast in gold or other metals?
A:  Yes my foundry can cast these for me in a wide range of precious metals. Get in touch for a quote.

Q:  Why do the rings look dark?, are they silver?
A:  Yes the rings are silver. The colour/tone comes from their patina. A patina is a chemical reaction where the metal oxidizes. Most metals oxidize naturally. I build up my patina in multiple layers to achieve the look I want. I can patina rings lighter or darker.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?
A:  Yes we ship worldwide.

Q:  How much is shipping?
A:  Shipping is free within NZ.  Australia is free over $200 and $20 under $200.   The rest of the world is $20 over $200 and $50 under $200. All prices are in NZD.  Sculptures are at cost.  I try and keep my postage costs as low as I can. I subsidize all of them and only charge for posting (not packaging).

Q:  What does it mean when a product can be back ordered?
A:  This means I haven’t got it in stock but am in the process of casting more. I try and ship out back ordered pieces within 2 weeks.

Q:  How long does shipping take?
A:  It depends if I have to resize your ring or not. Most of my rings are sized to a “R” . It takes around 1-2wks before shipping if I have to resize them. Otherwise the shipping I use takes around 1-2 days inside NZ and 5-10 days internationally.

Q:  How do I commission a sculpture or piece of jewelry?
  If you have seen a piece in my Portfolio and are interested in getting something similar made just send me an email and we can talk about the design and price.

Q:  How do you accept payment?
A:  Inside NZ Bank deposit or Paypal, outside NZ Paypal or Western Union.

Q:  What are your payment terms for commissioned pieces?
A:  50% upfront and the balance (+shipping) once you have oked photos of the finished piece.

Q:  Where is your work made?
A:  I do all the sculpting and carving in my studio in Cambridge, New Zealand.  I get my casting and mould making (for the silver jewelry) done by a company in Auckland, NZ

Q:  How are your pieces made?
A:  All my work is handcrafted.  By handcrafted I mean its drawn, carved, sculpted etc by my hands.  I use a mixture of electrical and hand tools,  depending on the material.   None of my work is designed or printed via a machine.

Two things I don’t do is the moulding and casting of my silver jewelry and I don’t make the silver chains.  I make the master sculptures for my jewelry out of putty and then send them to a foundry where they mould and cast them in silver.  I use high quality machine made silver chains.

Q:  Can I layby – pay in parts?
A:  Of course,  email me and we will sort out a payment schedule that suits us both.

If you have any other questions please let me know.