Freedom #1/10


1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.
Wild.  Joyful.  Free.
Freedom #1/10
Traditional brown Patina
Limited Edition of 10
Hot Cast Bronze
Rimu wood Base
1/10 scale
31cm wide, 26cm high, 10cm deepCambridge – Riding for the Disabled
We are donating 15% of the sale of this sculpture to NZRDA Cambridge.  Find out more?

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The inspiration for this piece was a photo of a horse running.  He just looked so free, and his movement was so natural and unrestricted.

This is casting 1 out of a limited edition of 10.  He is made out of hot cast bronze – melted metal (cold cast bronze is a cheaper product made out of mixing bronze powder with resin).
The casting has a Traditional brown patina.  In its natural state bronze is a golden colour and it is normally patined different colours.  A traditional brown patina is the colour most people associate with bronze.
The whole sculpture has been made in New Zealand.  The piece was sculpted in my studio in Cambridge,  cast in a foundry in Auckland and then returned to me for basing.

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