“Quiet Voice” #2/15


“Quiet Voice”

Gentle friendship.  Sympathising.  Encouraging.

Quiet Voice #2/15
Foal – Grey Patina,  Fence and Fantail – Traditional Brown Patina
Limited Edition of 15
Hot Cast Bronze
Rimu wood Base
1/10 scale
19cm wide, 19cm high, 16cm deep


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Where I live its common to see fantails. They are such a friendly positive bird.  I can picture one drawing a foals attention and captivating it with her gentle song.

This is casting 2 out of a limited edition of 15.  He is made out of hot cast bronze – melted metal (cold cast bronze is a cheaper product made out of mixing bronze powder with resin).
The foal has a contemporary grey Patina and the fence and fantail have a traditional brown Patina.

The whole sculpture has been made in New Zealand.  The piece was sculpted in my studio in Cambridge,  cast in a foundry in Auckland and then returned to me for basing.

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